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Thursday 22 June 2017

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Saturday 25 February 2012

Zindagi Ka Safar, yeh Kaisa Safar - Another Philosophical Melody

Well, what the Hell, its been a while..right?
got real busy at work and then ...went tumblr-ing a bit and still doing (check my tumblr blog at Azrael's Ramblings

well coming to this blog, following the last post on a philosophical song, i have decided to put up more songs and translations...on Philosophical
(i actually wrote this up and out it as a draft, but never got the time to publish it in the blog)

The next Philosophical Melody for me is..... "Zindagi Ka Safar Hai Ye Kaisa Safar" from the movie "Safar". This song was sung by my all time favourite singer ..the legendary Kishore Kumar

here is the lyrics in Hindi font (courtesy

गीतकार- इंदिवर
गायक- किशोर कुमार
संगीतकार- कल्याणजी आनंदजी
चित्रपट- सफर - 1970

Lyricist- Indeevar
Singer- Kishor Kumar
Music Director- Kalyanji Anandji
Movie- Safar - 1970

जिंदगी का सफर, है ये कैसा सफर / Jindagi ka safar, hai ye kaisa safar

जिन्दगी का सफ़र, हैं ये कैसा सफ़र
कोई समझा नहीं, कोई जाना नहीं

है ये कैसी डगर, चलते हैं सब मगर
कोई समझा नहीं, कोई जाना नहीं

जिन्दगी को बहोत प्यार हम ने किया
मौत से भी मोहब्बत निभायेंगे हम
रोते रोते जमाने में आये मगर
हंसते हंसते जमाने से जायेंगे हम
जायेंगे पर किधर , हैं किसे ये खबर
कोई समझा नहीं, कोई जाना नहीं

ऐसे जीवन भी हैं जो जिए ही नहीं
जिनको जीने से पहले ही मौत आ गयी
फूल ऐसे भी हैं जो खिले ही नहीं
जिनको खिलने से पहले खिजा खा गयी
है परेशान नजर, थक गए चार अगर
कोई समझा नहीं, कोई जाना नहीं

And here is the translation in English, which i managed to edit from a lot of other translations (just one single translation in itself could do justice to this song, so i have tried to compile and edit the many translations i found on the net)

Life is a Journey,
Which No one could understand; Which No one could comprehend

Here’s lays a path that everyone must all walk through
No one understand it; No knows it

I’ve loved this life to the fullest (ed-libbed)
When death comes, that too I will embrace
so what if we came to world crying
we will depart the world laughing
When its time to go, who knows where we will go
No one could understand, No one could comprehend

There is such a life that has not even been lived
Those who have died even before living a life
There have been such flowers that have never blossomed
Those that have been killed by the climate before blooming
The eyes are worried, the world is tired)
No one could understand, No one could comprehend.


Tuesday 25 May 2010


Today while browsing thru the Star Wars Wikia, i came across the quotes page - some good quotes, some bad quotes and then some ugly quotes...have a look...


Lead a frugal Life, Dude! Have no fear!!

"Possessions are burdens. What you have can always be taken away, so wealth breeds fear." - Jacen Solo

Simply say…Death is the end

"What begins, ends.
What is born, dies.
All that is made can be un-made.
Dark has no meaning without light,
And for all living things
there is the final

―"Life's Memories" by Soshu Londahl (translated from the Ithorese)[src]

Wise!! Think, Analyze!! Get evidence!! OR you will die soon, Dude!!

«Assumption is the first step to a shallow grave.»

―Basic translation of Saltan valoramosa n telvalk mord[src]

Friendship Pays!!

"There are many realities in the universe, some of them quite harsh. One reality that is inescapable is that there is nothing more valuable than a friend. More than food, more than shelter, and more than weaponry, an ally can save your life."
Qui-Gon Jinn, helping the Wookiees resist the Trade Federation[src]

Too Good an Insult!!

"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent."
Qui-Gon Jinn, to Jar Jar Binks[src]

Art of War- ish Type Quotes!!!

"Secrets must be exposed when found. Detours must be taken when encountered. And if you are the one who stands at the crossroads or the place of concealment, you must never leave it to another to act in your place."
Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

"Politics is simply the continuation of war by other means."
Mandalore the Ultimate, misquoting Clausewitz[src]

"To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best."

Kreia, speaking of the Sith Triumvirate[src]

"Direct action is not always the best way. It is a far greater victory to make another see through your eyes than to close theirs forever."

On Trouble!!

"When you ask for trouble, you should not be surprised when it finds you."
Plo Koon[src]

A Wonderful Play on the “Usual Suspects”

"Round up the usual species."

Pol Haus[src]

No more Mr/Ms/Mrs. Nice person

"I always play fair. Exactly as fair as my opponents."

Mara Jade[src]

Inspirational Quote, By Jove!!

"Seize the day, and you have the day. But wait for the right day to seize, and you will seize entire lifetimes."
Kla, Sith historian[src]

Come On Dude, Lets Drink Up!!

"Drink it down, boys, for the black of space is cold. Drink it down, boys, for it's always better to live hard and die young than live not and die old."
Khedryn Faal, reciting an old spacers' toast[src]

Seriously Good advice!!

"The only advice I'll give you when you're in the jungle, shoot anything that moves. Then shoot the things that don't move, just to be sure."

Observation on Youth…..isnt everone a youth once in his/her life?? Lol!!

"You know the problem with the youth of today? They're young!"―Jolee Bindo[src]

Love!! Love leads to Light!!

"Love doesn't lead to the dark side. Passion can lead to rage and fear, and can be controlled... but passion is not the same thing as love. Controlling your passions while being in love... that's what they should teach you to beware. But love itself will save you... not condemn you."
Jolee Bindo, to Revan, when discussing love[src]

Observation on a bad job done

"Never send a man out to do a rabbit's job."


Never mess with this guy

"No one's ever lied to me twice."

Jango Fett[src]

Crime & Punishment

Leia: "History decides who's a criminal, Jacen."

Caedus: "No, the law decides who's a criminal. History just forgives them."

Leia Organa Solo and Darth Caedus[src]

Good observation

"Random evolution should never have been entrusted with intelligence."
I-5YQ, observing a very drunk Lorn Pavan[src]


Pavan: "Hey, what happened to the door?"

I-5YQ: "It appears to have had a disagreement with somebody."

Lorn Pavan and I-5YQ, viewing the handiwork of Darth Maul[src]

Lord, he is serious!! lol

"State your name before you die."


Get to the point, Mister!!

Corran: "If you have a point to make, make it."

Corran Horn [src]

Battles have to be fought!!

"Some fights must be fought whether you believe you can win them or not."
Finis Valorum[src]

Very Dirt harry-ish

"Go ahead, life form—make my operation cycle."

E522 assassin droid[src]

Yeah. If you don’t surrender, you will die!!

"Surrender. It will hurt less."

Bounty hunter Dhidal Nyz, to psychotic Jedi Knight Valin Horn[src]

Routinely Digs his own grave!!

"Your ability to talk people into wanting to kill you borders on some kind of Jedi thing, you know that?"
Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, on Wes Janson[src]

Death & Remembrance!! Chose!!

"It's good to be remembered as a martyr without actually having to be dead, wouldn't you say?"
Dash Rendar, to LE-BO2D9, after the Battle of Falleen's Fist[src]

Hmmm…makes for a great line for a villain!!

"Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; and tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you…"
Darth Plagueis[src]

Still confused on who is the Fool!!

"Who's the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?"
Obi-Wan Kenobi, to Han Solo[src]

Just Do It!! Seems Nike found their Catchphrase with Yoda!!

"Do, or do not. There is no try."

Jedi Master Yoda[src]

Hear that, all u soldiers? Now wear your Pink ballerina dresses and shoes..and dance!!

"A warrior who cannot dance? Clumsy in both war and peace he is."


Source of All Quotes - Star Wars Wikia - Quotes

Uueg Tching or the Quotes from the Fictitious worlds

“Starve the centre and you reap Anarchy. Feed the Centre and you reap Tyranny. The problem is obvious to every man. A solution has been revealed to No Man”

"There are three ways to defeat your enemy. The first, and most obvious, is to better him in a trial of force. The best way is to have him destroy himself; few enemies are so obliging. The middle way is to destroy your enemy from within. Judicious application of the middle way shall make your blows more effective if you later take the way of force. From the middle way it is also possible to push your enemy onto the path of self-destruction."

"Even the greatest of trees can rot from within, but the vigilant gardener keeps attentive to the signs of decay. The Gardener is not afraid to cut through the polished skin to tear away a malignant heart, to save the life of that tree. Those who seek shade under that tree would best remember the work of that gardener."

- Sayings of Uueg Tching, 54th emperor of the Kitel Phard Dynasty on Atrisia, from the Third Atrisian Period, circa 4,519 BBY. Uueg's wisdom regarding the strategic use of power, diplomacy and espionage was admired thousands of years later, throughout the whole galaxy.

Uueg Tching is a fictitious character of the Star Wars Universe.

When you look at his sayings, the very first thing that comes to mind is Sun Tsu and his “Art of War” or Chanakya / Kautliya and his “Arthashatra”.

Anyways…movies and comics are really good sources of wonderful and meaningful quotes.

Thursday 20 May 2010

My Favourite Quotes/ my Modded Quotes

Every person has a favourite Quotes, which some uses as ideals, or some use as mottos or some use just for fun.

Here, i am listing out my favourite quotes -

'Then hear this, and never forget it. Any fool with fast hands can take a tiger by the balls, but it takes a hero to keep on squeezing. I'll tell you something else, while I'm at it: only heroes and quitters walk away, Jack. No one else. And I am no quitter.' -Alexis Machine -in Machine's Way - From the stepehen King Novel "The Dark half"
[Seriously, i still wish that Stephen King or someone lese would develop this Alexis Machine Character -into sorts of a Anti-Hero just like Dexter]

I modify the quotes into my own quotes .
The above quote got turned into -

"Any Fool Can Catch a tiger By its balls,
Any man Can keep on Squeezing!
But it takes a Hero to Squeeze and get Away with it!"
- Roshan, original content courtesy to Stephen King.

Another Quote or the Motto of my Life is modified from a poem by Samuel Ullman - "Youth"
about which i have written in this blog earlier.
Youth (Click here to be directed to the my post on the poem)

I modified the poem int my own Motto. here it goes -

"Youth is the state of the Mind, Not the State of the Being" - Roshan, original content courtesy Samuell Ullman

The third quote that i identify most is

Wise men, when in doubt whether to speak or to keep quiet, give themselves the benefit of the doubt, and remain silent. - Napoleon Hill


Saturday 10 April 2010

Aadmi Musafir Hai...a Philosophical Melody

This is an Old Song, a very Popular song from a Hindi Movie.

Movie : Apnaapan (1977)
Cast: Aruna Irani, Iftekhar, Jeetendra, Reena Roy, Sanjeev Kumar, Sulakshana Pandit
Music Director: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Director: Om Prakash
Producer: Om Prakash J
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Year: 1977

The Duo Laxmikant Pyarelal won the Filmfare Award for the Best Music Direction for this song. Anand Bakshi won the Filmfare Award for the Best lyricist for this song.
Mohd.Rafi was nominated for the Best Male Playback Singer for this song.
The Lyrics in Hindi

आदमी मुसाफिर है, आता है, जाता है
आते जाते रस्ते मे, यादे छोड़ जाता है

झोंका हवा का, पानी का रेला
मेले में रह जाये जो अकेला
फिर वो अकेला ही रह जाता है

कब छोड़ता है, ये रोग जी को
दिल भूल जाता हैं जब किसी को
वो भूलाकर भी याद आता है

क्या साथ लाये, क्या तोड़ आये
रस्ते में हम क्या क्या छोड़ आये
मंजिल पे जा के याद आता है

जब डोलती है, जीवन की नैया
कोई तो बन जाता है खिवय्या
कोई किनारे पे ही डूब जाता है

The Lyrics in Hinglish (Hindi Written in

aadamee musaafir hai, aataa hai, jaataa hai
aate jaate raste me, yaade chhod jaataa hai

zonkaa hawaa kaa, paanee kaa relaa
mele mein rah jaaye jo akelaa
fir wo akelaa hee rah jaataa hai

kab chhodataa hai, ye rog jee ko
dil bhool jaataa hain jab kisee ko
wo bhoolakar bhee yaad aataa hai

kyaa saath laaye, kyaa tod aaye
raste mein hum kyaa kyaa chhod aaye
manjil pe jaa ke yaad aataa hai

jab dolatee hai, jeewan kee naiyyaa
koee to ban jaataa hain khiwayyaa
koee kinaare pe hee doob jaataa hai
I am working on a English translation to the Hindi lyrics and i hope i can post it on here.

now, you would think, why is he going great distances to post on a filmi song.?
First..this song is so simple in in its music, so melodious and easily singable.
second..the whole philosophy of the song, the lyrics...about man being a traveller..throughout his life...

i hope that for those who don't know Hindi, once i put up the translation, it will come clear.

Well, My close friend Arun sort of prodded me on to complete the translation. I have made up one by myself, using my own creative license (my imagination and Hindi-English knowledge) it goes
Man is nothing But a traveller,
In this long and hard journey of life ,
he enters once and exits once
Leaving bits of memories all along his route

Like one caught in the gale of the wind
Like one caught in the swirling whirlpool
Like one lost in the midst of the crowd
He has lost himself, he is alone

The heart's troubles will seem to vanish,
When you get the courage to forget someone,
even if you have forgotten them,
your heart will still remember them

What have you brought along with u in your journey?
What have you broken along your journey?
Whatever you have thrown away along your journey,
you will recollect them with pain at the end of your journey.

When the the boat that is your life is thrown off -course in the stormy waters ,
someone could aid you by being your anchor
one could also drown at the shallow water near the bank too.
I hope this translation does it some justice, because i had trawled the entire ent for a translation and couldn't find one!!

How I read, Why I read and What I read

I have been away from Blogging for a quite a long while.

Now I am back, free from the mad rush at my construction site, since the project is slowing down towards completion. Now, I got more free time.

How I read, Why I read and What I read


I am an avid reader – I read so voraciously with my own technique that I read 2 or 3 books at a go. My technique is to take a paragraph at one glance, grasp the meaning and move over to the next paragraph and on. When I come up on certain catch lines/possible quotes, I make a mental note to come back to the section and move on.

In this manner, I keep on reading.


I love information/data. Love real information and fictitious information – news/links and fiction.

I have to read. It is same like needing to eat to survive. I need my daily dose of information.

Even while I eat, I read – I read a book, if one is in my hand or at my hands reach / I read the labels off the bottles on the dining table.

When I am waiting for a doctor or dentist I read the magazines available at the waiting area.

When I am waiting for a bus/taxi, I read the boards, hoardings, number Plates.

I read body language too.

I am a sucker for information!!


Real Life Information consisting of News, Current Affairs, Wikipedia Links on persons & events.

Fictitious information – Novels – mainly Adventure fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Alternative History, and Poetry.

A thing that I do on a regular basis is read Wikipedia.

When I come up on an interesting matter/event/book, I look it up on the internet, specifically “Google It” and read the information available, mostly on the Wikipedia.

Once I am on Wikipedia, reading up on the stuff that interests me, I follow up on the links available on the Wikipedia page, to other wiki pages and on…it is like a mind map, going from one information to another, linked to it.

This is quite interesting that I gather so much information, that I am a real information junkie.

I don’t know how many people read like me, but I guess lots of them!

From now onwards, I am planning to write reviews on the books I read.

Tuesday 26 February 2008

Love on the Chook Chook (A Tragi-Comedic Experience)

Ernakulam Railway Station, morning 7.30 a.m.

I had just landed along with Kissy, A college Mate on another Train!

"Hey Rosh! Where is Vipin, Man? He had promised to be here!!"

"No Idea Bhai. Let us wait. There's Plenty of Time for the Express"

[Since this is a story...names have been changed...Kissy will remain real names given. So, No Fear!]

We deposited our luggage in a heap near a bench and sat down to wait for the other college mates to come.

We were the students of Regional Engineering College, Durgapur, West Bengal. Kerala had a quota of 6 seats including reservation in REC Durgapur. It was our Summer Vacations and we had all gone home to enjoy and were returning back to College.

"Yaar. No Charakks here Man!!"

["Charakk" Malaylam means "Goods"...Same as in "Maal" in Hindi]

"Saaley...!! There is nothing but charakks in your mind. Remember our picnic to the barrage where you called a couple of aunties charakks and their Hubbies came to beat the shit out of you?"

"Yaar. How can I forget that. Anyway those aunties were real Maals!!heee hee"

"Saaley. Bhaag. So you want to get a thrashing in your Home ground Also? Well, Count me Out!!"

I wandered down to the Higgin Bothams Bookstore, purchased a novel and a few magazines and settled down to read the mags. Kissy was already relaxing listening to music on his Walkman.

[This was a time before mobile phones and mp3 players. All we could lay hands was the good old Walkman!! Now the Cassette together with the Walkman are becoming extinct!!]

At around, 8.30 Vipin came to the station.

"Vipin. This Saaley is upto his old charakk tricks now. You better keep under control. We dont want to get thrashed!"

"Kissy....Any further Maal trouble...Tere Sir Kaput. Samjah?"

" a Skirt Chaser dude. You can never straighten a dog's tail. Same with Kissy"

"Theek hai. I am listening to Music. No Maal trouble. Satisfied??"


Vipin went down to the refreshment booth and got for us some "Fruitis".

More Time pass..chatting about our vacations!!

"God knows what Bhose D.K has in plans for us in the new semester!! Woh to haraami hai saaley!"

"Yaar. My Suppli papers are starting 3 weeks down. Got loads to study. Otherwise M/s. Moorthy and Iyer will skin me alive.Are they Human or some sort of vampires. Khoon Choostha hai saala."

"Chal. Everything will be Ok"

By around 11.3o a.m, the Cochin Patna Express, slowly chugs into the station. We gather out luggages , walk down to the compartment which has our reserved berths.

Kissy and I had two side Berths near the Door. My Berth was the top one. Vipin had one of the long berths in the same area.

We had two more mates gettin on the train - Raky from Aluva(Alwaye) and Mani from palakkad (Palghat). By the time the train had started chugging, we had settled down in our seats.

After an Hour Raky joined us at Aluwa. We four began a card game to pass time.

We went up and down the compartment and found that it was berefit of girls - only aunties and mausis and naanis.

Kissy as usual sported a dejected look.

"Yaar. Rajasthan is more ferltile than this compartment. Not even one chick!!"

Vipin was his usual taciturn self. But Raky couldn't but pull Kissy's leg.

"Bhag. You and your Chick Business. Kya, do you have any plans to go into Poultry Business? No Wonder!!"

" Many of the seats are still empty. We cant loose hope. maybe, some chick will get on at other stations. After all we have to travel for 3 days and 3 nights...right??"

Soon, We reached Palakkad Station. Mani climbed in with his luggages.

We started to make a big hullaboo teasing mani singing..."Ding Dong Ding Dong...Mani Bajae"

It was then, a family climbed into the compartment.

At first it was the father, then the mother and then.....two girls.

Kissy suddenly sat upright..chest all puffed up reminding us of the Skinny Man-with-puffed-up-chest-when-girl -passes-by dept.

Both the girls were very beautiful. When they passed us, they looked at us, with a faint smile on their lips.

Kissy was overcome with Joy.

The train chugged on........

Some one yelling into my ear "Rosh! wake up! Its Madras Station Already!! Udd Yaar!"

I opened my eyes and there stood Vipin with his toothbrush in his hand!

I was mad at him for breaking my beautiful sleep "Oh yaar! it was a Good Sleep! Why the Hell did you have to break it?"

But he was not going to let me off to sleep again... "Lazy bones. Get up. You can sleep later in the afternoon"

I looked down from my berth to Kissy's Berth and found it vacant!

"Vipin! where is Kissy?"

"Romeo has gone with Raky to trawl the other compartments for "Maals"!!"

"Yaar. Kissy is going to misguide Raky for sure. Chappal se maar milke hi vaapas aayega!"

I got down from my berth, got out my toothbrush and paste and walked to the toilet/wash area.

The two girls who had got on at Palakkad were standing there, brushing their teeth.

"Excuse Me. Could i just wet my toothbrush a bit?"

They turned around.

Both of them were beautiful!!!

They smiled and stood aside and i wetted by tooth brush and moved away.

I stood at one of the doors brushing my teeth. I could see that both the girls were stealing looks at me on the sly.

Not wanting to miss the moment, i gave them a toothpaste filled smile and they burst out laughing and giggling!!

I too laughed with them. (Roshan's advise : Try to grab the moment, dudes! make the most of every moment, however akward they are!!)

After they had finished with their brushing and cleaning, they were still loitering near the doors.

I too had completed my cleaning and i gave them a "full colgate smile"!

They were impressed, I think, for they smiled quite nicely.

Not wanting to lose the opportunity, i gathered courage and asked

"Hi. are you going all way to Patna?"

"No. We are getting down at Kharaghpur"

"Ok. I am Roshan. We are Engineering College Students. We are going back to college after the durga puja vacations "

[I didnt bother to inform them that i was heading for Durgapur. What was the use?]

By this time, Kissy followed by Raky have joined me and is taking stealth looks at the girls.

Kissy starts poking me and I, getting his point, introduced them to the girls!!

[Balance to come...]