On Lonliness!

Earlier, I used to feel so lonley. I was basically an introvert, who as a child used to run and hide whenever guests came to my home! I used to find it difficult to introduce myself and talk with them. This stayed with me almost till my high school!
But when i started my engineering college life in a place thats quite far away from my home, i had to interact with new people and make new friends -
i had to change myself
i had to get out off my shell
i had to interact with people
i had to lose the fear!

and i did lose it.

But making friends was always difficult for me.
If i made a friend, it was for life. But i was not making many friends and those i have made are still friends.
Then again i felt lonley!
Then, as a rule of survival of the fittest - i had to evolve - make friends...go out and make the effort!
I did!
I got a lot of friends and my days are not so lonley!!

i got a lot of pals through orkut -
I had joined orkut just for the whim of it an i found that there was a communityt called Desi partying in Abu Dhabi in it - they party of course, but decently ! and its more a friends circle, u get in u become a friend to us all. it so good!

Should I say..Long Live orkut???

Lets wait n See.

A Little bit of Lonliness is awlays nice, then and there you could sit alone and think, imagine and plan!


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