Aadmi Musafir Hai...a Philosophical Melody

This is an Old Song, a very Popular song from a Hindi Movie.

Movie : Apnaapan (1977)
Cast: Aruna Irani, Iftekhar, Jeetendra, Reena Roy, Sanjeev Kumar, Sulakshana Pandit
Music Director: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Director: Om Prakash
Producer: Om Prakash J
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Year: 1977

The Duo Laxmikant Pyarelal won the Filmfare Award for the Best Music Direction for this song. Anand Bakshi won the Filmfare Award for the Best lyricist for this song.
Mohd.Rafi was nominated for the Best Male Playback Singer for this song.
The Lyrics in Hindi

आदमी मुसाफिर है, आता है, जाता है
आते जाते रस्ते मे, यादे छोड़ जाता है

झोंका हवा का, पानी का रेला
मेले में रह जाये जो अकेला
फिर वो अकेला ही रह जाता है

कब छोड़ता है, ये रोग जी को
दिल भूल जाता हैं जब किसी को
वो भूलाकर भी याद आता है

क्या साथ लाये, क्या तोड़ आये
रस्ते में हम क्या क्या छोड़ आये
मंजिल पे जा के याद आता है

जब डोलती है, जीवन की नैया
कोई तो बन जाता है खिवय्या
कोई किनारे पे ही डूब जाता है

The Lyrics in Hinglish (Hindi Written in English..lol)

aadamee musaafir hai, aataa hai, jaataa hai
aate jaate raste me, yaade chhod jaataa hai

zonkaa hawaa kaa, paanee kaa relaa
mele mein rah jaaye jo akelaa
fir wo akelaa hee rah jaataa hai

kab chhodataa hai, ye rog jee ko
dil bhool jaataa hain jab kisee ko
wo bhoolakar bhee yaad aataa hai

kyaa saath laaye, kyaa tod aaye
raste mein hum kyaa kyaa chhod aaye
manjil pe jaa ke yaad aataa hai

jab dolatee hai, jeewan kee naiyyaa
koee to ban jaataa hain khiwayyaa
koee kinaare pe hee doob jaataa hai
I am working on a English translation to the Hindi lyrics and i hope i can post it on here.

now, you would think, why is he going great distances to post on a filmi song.?
First..this song is so simple in in its music, so melodious and easily singable.
second..the whole philosophy of the song, the lyrics...about man being a traveller..throughout his life...

i hope that for those who don't know Hindi, once i put up the translation, it will come clear.

Well, My close friend Arun sort of prodded me on to complete the translation. I have made up one by myself, using my own creative license (my imagination and Hindi-English knowledge)..here it goes
Man is nothing But a traveller,
In this long and hard journey of life ,
he enters once and exits once
Leaving bits of memories all along his route

Like one caught in the gale of the wind
Like one caught in the swirling whirlpool
Like one lost in the midst of the crowd
He has lost himself, he is alone

The heart's troubles will seem to vanish,
When you get the courage to forget someone,
even if you have forgotten them,
your heart will still remember them

What have you brought along with u in your journey?
What have you broken along your journey?
Whatever you have thrown away along your journey,
you will recollect them with pain at the end of your journey.

When the the boat that is your life is thrown off -course in the stormy waters ,
someone could aid you by being your anchor
one could also drown at the shallow water near the bank too.
I hope this translation does it some justice, because i had trawled the entire ent for a translation and couldn't find one!!


Roon said…
Patti... you write so well - I really missed you being regular on your blog. Nice to see that you are back again after a loooooong hibernation. This is a really interesting venture you are trying : to translate this song into English. Will look forward to it.

Is it that we are growing older that we are appreciating such songs better now ??... or is it that we are just finding time for it now ?.... eitherways, thank god we are part to the magic of these words.

Keep writing buddy !
Rather poetically penned down translation! Beautiful! Thank you!

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