How I read, Why I read and What I read

I have been away from Blogging for a quite a long while.

Now I am back, free from the mad rush at my construction site, since the project is slowing down towards completion. Now, I got more free time.

How I read, Why I read and What I read


I am an avid reader – I read so voraciously with my own technique that I read 2 or 3 books at a go. My technique is to take a paragraph at one glance, grasp the meaning and move over to the next paragraph and on. When I come up on certain catch lines/possible quotes, I make a mental note to come back to the section and move on.

In this manner, I keep on reading.


I love information/data. Love real information and fictitious information – news/links and fiction.

I have to read. It is same like needing to eat to survive. I need my daily dose of information.

Even while I eat, I read – I read a book, if one is in my hand or at my hands reach / I read the labels off the bottles on the dining table.

When I am waiting for a doctor or dentist I read the magazines available at the waiting area.

When I am waiting for a bus/taxi, I read the boards, hoardings, number Plates.

I read body language too.

I am a sucker for information!!


Real Life Information consisting of News, Current Affairs, Wikipedia Links on persons & events.

Fictitious information – Novels – mainly Adventure fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Alternative History, and Poetry.

A thing that I do on a regular basis is read Wikipedia.

When I come up on an interesting matter/event/book, I look it up on the internet, specifically “Google It” and read the information available, mostly on the Wikipedia.

Once I am on Wikipedia, reading up on the stuff that interests me, I follow up on the links available on the Wikipedia page, to other wiki pages and on…it is like a mind map, going from one information to another, linked to it.

This is quite interesting that I gather so much information, that I am a real information junkie.

I don’t know how many people read like me, but I guess lots of them!

From now onwards, I am planning to write reviews on the books I read.


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