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Saturday 16 June 2007

The Open Door - one of my Spontaneous poems

The Open Door

The Door is Always Open,
Many Come and Go!
Leaving Bits of Memories!
Both Good and Bad!
Sweet, Bitter Sweet and Utter Bitter Ones!

The Door is Always open,
There were days I wished it was Closed!
Those days in Lonliness I spent,
Contemplating on my Life and Doings!
Wishing I could change the Past!

The Door is Always Open,
There were days i wished some would enter!
I spent those days in lonliness,
yearing for some friendly touch and talk,
But none were there and i Wept in darkness!

The Door is Always Open,
There were days i wished i had more Doors,
Then were the times i was revelling in friendship!
But some left to never come back,
Some slowly faded by their own doings or mine!

The Door is Always Open,
You are anytime welcome in Stranger!
I will listen to the stories of your life,
And tell you some of mine
Ans sk you - Can You Be My Friend?

- I wrote this little bit when i felt i was lonley, exactly to say at 2.00 pm on saturday, June, 2007.

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