True Love???????????

Is there any true love?

I remember reading one story about Birbal, the Mughal Emperor Akbar’s minister, one of the navratnas of Akbar's court! Akbar and Birbal are arguing on "Love".
Akbar states that a Mother’s love for her child is the greatest kind of Love on the earth.
Birbal states that the greatest love on earth is the love for oneself, one of self preservation.
Akbar challenges Birbal to prove it.
Birbal arranges a female monkey and its child to be put into a deep pit and the pit to be flooded with water gradually.
The female monkey first tries to protect its child by keeping it on hits head and at one stage when it realises that the water has risen to such a level that it will drown, it throws the baby away, tries and escapes from the pit. The female monkey knew that since it is alive, it could have other babies, but if its own life is gone, where would the babies come from?

Is there true love?

All love is conditional.

There is a catch with each and every declaration of love!

When a husband and wife talks about death, the wife’s first words will be“If you die, who will be there to protect and provide for me and my children?”

There is nothing but the sense of self preservation and preservation of ones kind- its in the genes! genetically all humans are selfish and programmed to make sure that their genus/human kind is never extinct!

Why do women and men marry?

Women for the sense of security and a lesser sense of love – basically a sense of self preservation or preservation of the human genus (especially hers)

Why do men marry?

The basic motive is - self preservation or preservation of the human genus (especially his).

What is a marriage?
Its the outcome of a sort of a chauvinist attitude – to get the woman before another gets her and a lesser sense of love – basically a sense of conquest!

Do you remember the cartoons of the caveman dragging a woman by the hair?
What was he doing?
Claiming her to be his. In the ancient times, when the institution of marriage did not exist, any man could lay claim on a woman and normally more than one man used to lay claim on a woman thus giving rise to fights, feuds and of course battles or wars.

The wise old cavemen of those times decided to institute the ceremony of marriage as a Notice that this woman is claimed and no other man can have her.
A similar practise is the act of wearing bindi on the forehead in India which proclaims that I am married and do not approach me. (Extra marital affairs doesn’t give a damn to these warnings, the culprits go and fuck – that’s all).
So, marriage is just a warning Danger Do not approach notice to other men.

Also, looking from another point of view as Osho (aka Bhagwan Rajneesh) said
“Marriage is prostitution by License”.
The basic urge of all humans is self preservation or preservation of the human genus (especially his) and it gave rise to the second most important urge – Sex.
Having sex without marriage might be a taboo in many societies.
So legalising a union between a man and a woman gave rise to constant procreation and a boom in population.
A society without any bindings is akin to being free of all.
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