Self Pity....the greatest vice of all!

Why Me?

There times this Guy used to cry!
Why Me?
Why Me?
Why does it always happen to Me?

He never saw the silver lining on the cloud's edge!
All he saw was gloomy, black and dark!
He never had friends,
For no one wanted a whiner for a friend!
He never fell in love,
For the girls wanted all the flowery words!
he never succeeded in his endeavors,
For he never thought on the positive side!

One fine day,
This buddy of Ours!
Decided its nough for him in this Big Bad World!
He tried to end his life by hanging on a rope!
But then, even Death didnt want him!

But by the luck of the draw,
Some sense tricled into his brain!
he realised self pity was the greates of all vices!
He shook all his leathargy off,
He stood up and moved..and has never stopped ever since!
And of course,
He smiled,
Made friends,
Fell in love (many times!!),

Climbs the Career ladder at ease, ever sure of himself!

folks..that guy above..was me!


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