Just Out of Zid...A Girl's Future is Destroyed..A true Story I head from the horse's mouth!!

A Few Nights back, on a Thursday, i caught a taxi back from the club where I had been to. The driver was quite talkative on the drive to my appartment.

While driving he was like.."Aahh. so you've been to the Dance Bar!! So how athe girls? beautiful?Yeah?"

I told him that i had been to the pub as usual on thursday nights for a few beers and to listen to the live band.

Soon his talk veered about the dance girls and suddenly told me - "They are nothing on the girl I married!!"

'So you are a lucky guy to have married a beautiful woman"

"Yes Sir. I am Lucky!!I married on the most beautiful girls in my illakah. I married her on a 'Zid" and have divorced her too!!"

I was suprised to hear that from him and asked him whether i heard him worng!

"No sir. I married her and then divorced her too!!"

"Then what was the use of your marriage?"

"I married her on Zid."

The word 'Zid'In urdu means literally

resoluteness by virtue of being unyielding and inflexible [syn: adamance]

But zid could refer to obstitancy/headstrong mentality.

He went on to tell his tale, where he was an unemploued guy in pakistan and he wanted to marry a very beutiful girl who was a distant realtive of his family. When he had informed his parents, they were reluctant about it, but since the guy was obstinant, they agreed to go to their relatives house to seek the hand of the girl in marriage.

Filmi-Style (as we say in hindi), his family was humiliated by the girl's mother. She wanted nothing to do with a family who were not well off and wanted to get her daughter married to a rich family. if the guy was so desperate to marry her, he will have to pay such and such lot of money and so many tolas of gold, build a big house near the girl's house etc.

The guy's heart broke and turned into sort of stone. (patthar ka dil). He came to Ras Al Khaimah in UAE, worked like a doney for years, saved every penny, went back, got all things done, married the girl, enjoyed his honey moon, went back to Ras Al Khaimah. When he went home to pakistan the next time, he divorced the girl.

"Now both the gril and her mother were kicked out of the house by the father and the father has married again!"
"Dont you feel bad that you have destroyed a girl's life? not even some soft corner in your heart for a girl who was once your wife?"
"No Sir. There is no place for emotions when one has Zid on his Mind"
"Very well. its your Life"
"So, you have deicided to stay a bachelor?"
"what a foolish question, Sir! I have already seen a girl, whom i plan to marry the next time i go home to pakistan. This time its for keeps!"
"All the best for your 2nd marriage"

By that time, we had reached the appartment and i paid him, walked off with his story in my mind!

Just Out Of Zid!!
A Girl's Life and Future is destroyed!
Just Out of Zid!

Before we blame him, let us understand this guy's background - From his talk i gathered that he is from a pashtun tribe in NWFP (North Western Frontier Province) in Pakistan, where Honour and pride are virtues!!
Had the guy not been able to marry the girl in revenge and on zid, his status in his tribe would have suffered and he would have been treated like an outcast becuase he was less a Man.
Since he has done what he had set his mind on - taking revenge by marrying the girl, he would be looked up to with admiration. But then, another lot of people will be looking at him anger too, because he divorced a girl, who belongs to their trible/family.

What a world!
Aye Khuda..App kaise Zamaana Bana diya??


edasseri said…
I really feel sorry for the girl and the guy. We live in a make believe world. Our status is as seen by others. I wish all of us could ourselves decide our own status, not as perceived by others.

real life are creepy mate an dlate night taxi journeys :)
keep blogging

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