My Favourite Quotes/ my Modded Quotes

Every person has a favourite Quotes, which some uses as ideals, or some use as mottos or some use just for fun.

Here, i am listing out my favourite quotes -

'Then hear this, and never forget it. Any fool with fast hands can take a tiger by the balls, but it takes a hero to keep on squeezing. I'll tell you something else, while I'm at it: only heroes and quitters walk away, Jack. No one else. And I am no quitter.' -Alexis Machine -in Machine's Way - From the stepehen King Novel "The Dark half"
[Seriously, i still wish that Stephen King or someone lese would develop this Alexis Machine Character -into sorts of a Anti-Hero just like Dexter]

I modify the quotes into my own quotes .
The above quote got turned into -

"Any Fool Can Catch a tiger By its balls,
Any man Can keep on Squeezing!
But it takes a Hero to Squeeze and get Away with it!"
- Roshan, original content courtesy to Stephen King.

Another Quote or the Motto of my Life is modified from a poem by Samuel Ullman - "Youth"
about which i have written in this blog earlier.
Youth (Click here to be directed to the my post on the poem)

I modified the poem int my own Motto. here it goes -

"Youth is the state of the Mind, Not the State of the Being" - Roshan, original content courtesy Samuell Ullman

The third quote that i identify most is

Wise men, when in doubt whether to speak or to keep quiet, give themselves the benefit of the doubt, and remain silent. - Napoleon Hill



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