Musings for the Day!
A few days back I was going through the "Gulf News" and I found an Advertisement "Revolutionary Property prices" with a large Silhouette of Che’ Guevara in the back ground!
I wonder what a proper Revolutionist like Che had to do with Real Estate in Dubai?

I am not a communist or a revolutionist, but in don’t like the fact that these morons are using Che as a copywriter’s brainwave to jack up the value of the Ad.

Che stood for something that what the Ad is trying to promote – fightig against inequality in the people.
Who lives in the Free Holds?
Richie Riches and wannabe Richie Riches!
Where does equality come into the picture here when a crap copywriter puts Che’s picture as an eye catcher for the Ad with a tag line "Revolutionary Property Prices"??

Advertisements should entertain and let you remember the product when you go for shopping!!And not put some crap ideas and feel that the people will remember the stuff and buy the product.
There are icons, personalities that are saleable and that can be put into Ad, but there is a limit and these crapheads think anything goes!!

I still remember some old Ads in Indian Newspaper/Magazines for a Coffee "MR Coffee". One was a woman with a full figure, whose sari has fallen off or is low to show the low cut blouse and a damn (damn!) sexy cleavage! (Those were the days of hormone imbalance in us guys!! Well..Well)
and another one had Mallaika Arora and her hubby Aarbaz Khan in a Sexy Sexy posture!!

Sex did and does sell.
That of course was the USP of the Ad.
The coffee was crap but the Ad caught the eye of many people and even some guys got to drinking MR Coffee thinking it was some sort of Aphrodisiac. Hee Hee.

I had one idea once.
In Calcutta there was one brand of ice-cream called "Big Ones".
In the Ad in my mind I envisioned a really busty, sexy girl holding two Big One Ice creams in front of her bust (hee hee) and saying "I’ve got these Big Ones Especially FOR YOU". Hee hee.

If the Ad had ever made into print, it would have created a similar storm like the MR Coffee Ads!
But then, I was an engineering student and not an ad copywriter.
Imagine some ad for an electrical drill - a sexy woman holding an electrical drill or posing next to a display of drills. What the hell does a woman have to do with the drill (unless you think in innuendo!!)?
What they do is bring you attention to the Ad and the product.
Again sex/sexy sells!Funny Ads also stay in people’s minds.

The ericsson mobile Ad in which – one old /not so old business man is sitting at a restaurant and sees a beautiful woman who is holding her hand to her ears covered by her hair.
She is talking huskily and romantically looking at the business man and nodding. The guy thinks she is calling him and asks "me?" She says "Yes! You!". He walks up to her and sands tip top near her and she removes her hand from under her hair, switches off the mobile and says "water please". Kya bada KLPD!!

This was an Ad that stayed long in the minds of the people and I don’t actually know whether there was any rise in sales of ericsson mobiles. By the way Ericsson is out of business!!
I sometimes think that I actually got into the wrong profession.
But the one I am in now- as an engineer – I am doing well and enjoying what I do.
hat’s the secret – whatever profession you are in, do the job in a way that you enjoy doing it.

But then again, I do want to be a copywriter!! At least a freelance one.
But I don’t know the tricks of the trade!

Enough of Ads for the moment!

Next topic is America in the movies!
Just a few points only

It’s always America

That the aliens attack!
That wins the war with aliens!
That the terrorists attack!
That beats off the terrorists or defuses the nuclear bomb in milliseconds.
That Natural disasters strike!
Who comes out like a phoenix after a natural disaster.!
Where ghosts and mutant cats, dogs, mice, whatever animal you can think of, attack!
Who survives the ghouls and the mutants!
Who ends the movie saying "We will prevail."!

I have run out of points on America ….let me know of a few.

Next topic – Reality Talk Shows like Jerry Springer or Maury Povich!

Ever watched the Jerry Springer Show? A totally crap show which has everyone’s aunt and uncle and momma and poppa and even their illegitimate offspring washing their undies in the public!Similarly The Maury Povich Show is more cleaner and welcome to the family (I bet only to the parents only).
But it still has everyones…………………washing their undies again!
Why do the people of the developed nations have a tendency to reveal their darkest secrets in the public? The audience indeed is laughing at them and they do know it and they feel a sort of sadomasochist feeling – self depreciation?? I don’t know the hell about it!I watch only two shows every day – The Maury Povich show and the mythbusters (we will come to it later).

Why do I watch Maury?
To laugh at the crazy people wash their dirty undies!!
And sometimes to see heat warming moments of reconciliation!!
It is pure entertainment!!
Modern man’s attitudes and psychological requirements have changed now.
They enjoy self pity!
They enjoy being laughed, spit and mauled at!
What do you call such behaviour?


Mythbusters is the only show I eagerly watch.
Both Jaime and Adam are amazing.
They are two contrasting personalities! Jamie is more sober and sensible. Adam on the other hand is really a juvenile.

And the things they do!!

I love the show.

There was this episode of Mythbusters where the myth was that you can light your own farts! It was banned, but you can look it up on U-Tube.


here are the KLPD/LKB Shayaris for all those (those who can understand hindi/urdu) out there…..

Paani mein Whiskey milao ta nasha chadta hai.
Paani mein Rum milao to nasha chadta hai.
Paani mein Brandy milao to nasha chadta hai.
Saala paani mein hi kuch gadbad hai.
Sharab Ek Bimari hai .Jo saare samaj ko khatam kar rahi hai.
To aao milkar is bimari ko khatam karen.
Ek bottle tum khatam karo ek bottle hum khatam karen.
Agar zindagi main kuch kar dikhana hai to
kuch aisa karo ki jis shaher,jis gali, jis mod se gujro
wahan ke har ghar se awaaz aaye, Papa aa gaye, Papa aa gaye!********************************************************************
Yeh jo haseeno ke baal hote hai,
ladko ko fasaane ke jaal hote hai,
na jaane kitno ke khoon piye honge inhone,
tabhi to inke honth laal hote hai
Umeedo ki manjil toot gayi
aankho se ashqo ki dhara beh gayiare
tumahri bhi kya izaat reh gayi jab office ki ladki bhaiya keh gayi

Have fun!


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