You! My Friend!

You, My Friend

You, My Friend!
Where are you?
Don’t you ever think of the days we were together?
How we met and how we gelled?
What fun we had together with all our pals!
How we cried over broken hearts and broken bones!

You, My Friend!
What do you do?
Don’t you ever think of the future we together planned?
How we argued over what the future holds?
Reasonable ambitions with achievable targets!
Little Little wishes that were waiting to be fulfilled!

You, My Friend!
Why Don’t you Call?
Don’t you remember our promise to stay in touch?
How we called ourselves blood brothers!
Born different, but one as an entity?
I miss your calls and the get-togethers we used to have.

You, My friend!
Why have you changed?
Don’t you remember our ideals and ethics of our youth?
Standing against the society, the evils and the corruption!
High ideals, reasonable sense!We were about to change the World!

You, my Friend!
Why are you like this?
Don’t you remember the good old you, for what you were?
Good heart and Good Mind, to help and rise with everyone!
But now, we are doing what we hated with our hearts!
Are you still the same or have you metamorphosed to something lesser?

You, my Friend!
Come Back to me!
I wish we could go back in time And Correct our wrongs!
Start over again and be what we cherised to be!

[This lyrics..cannot be called a lyric..something that I have just typed on the impromptu and added a few lines here and there. It is about my friends and it I dedicated to those friends.]
I had (do I still have them?) some good friends.
A wonderful group during my college days –

Arun Rao (Roon) is with HP. He did his MBA from XIM, Bubhaneshwar and is married to Shwetha whom he fell in love ;) with while in XIM. Too Busy to have kids.

Sabas Fernando (Saby, 2D) is with TELCO. He is married to Deepa(is that her name?) and has a daughter!

Arijit (Insect/Bon Bon) is with IBM (when I last heard) and is married to his LKG/Chaddi times Sweetheart (forgot her name) and has a kid (forgot whether it is a boy or a girl) . God knows whether it is a boy or a girl.

Jim Mathews (Jimbo) is in Bangkok, Thailand and is married and has two kids (don’t know whether they are boys or girls).

Pranav Chaudhary (Pranni) is with IBM (last known) and is married and has two kids (2 daughters I think).

As for me

Roshan (Snakey), I am in the Middle East – Abu Dhabi, UAE - I work as a Electrical & Instrumentation project Manager with a Construction/Contracting Co in Oil & Gas Field; District Cooling Schemes.

We lose touch…we try again….one of us tries..emails and there is a flurry of emails and again it is back to limbo.
I give a lot of gaalis to the guys and they respond again……May be in the future, we plan to have a get-together some times.


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