give it a title..please?

what title do i give it?
Why I Write?

Why Do I Write? I don’t Know!
Why Do I Write?
May be To Express My Self.

I write the same way as I Speak. I Speak the same way as I think. So it's all direct from the heart and quite often spontaneous.

I am not a master at stringing words like some of my friends who have a knack to line up words to express their feelings with the correct rhyming and all that poetry mumbo jumbo!

I do wish that I could join some creative workshop and learn how to use words more appropriately, but then, I am too shy to show them my earlier written works – I am a closet writer and lyricist!

So, what I felt about the partiality or sort of apartheid in the work place or society in the Middle East, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where I work, I wrote down these words. I don’t have any title for these words – I can't call it a poem because a poem must have all the poem mumbo jumbo like rhyming etc. So To all those who ever read these words, if you could come up with a title, do let me know!


Brother! You're No Alien!
There's no different blood in you veins!
You and I,
We walk the same path,
We undertake the same Journey
From the womb to the grave!

Does being born elsewhere make a difference?
Does being of a different colour warrant a drastic difference?
In my Country I may be a prince and you a pauper,
Or Vice Versa!
But over here, the color of the skin changes the status quo!

Does being Schooled elsewhere change anything?
Even if you are a drop out, you treated with respect!
But, for us even those who have mastered their sciences,
Eke Out a Living so low compared to yours!

You are entitled to part of the blame!
For Allowing for the system!
It’s the mentality of the natives that’s the root of the evil!
If they realize their own potential,
What the use of you and me over here, Brother?

I don’t know about others!
But for me, I am Sure-
Do Listen to me, Brother!
Don’t ever look down on me!
Or ever talk to me condescendingly!

As King Porus told Alexander,
Treat me in the manner,
A King would treat another King!
Don’t ever raise your voice against me,
For you'll fine me hollering back at you!
Don’t ever raise your hand on me,
For you will find yourself being stomped to the ground!

Brother, I am an extremely new Social Species!
Adaptive, sociable as well as worldly wise,
One who knows his worth and is proud of it,
And who is dangerous whenever the need arises!

So take your pick -
Be My friend, My Peer, My Brother?
Be My Enemy, who doesn’t command my respect,
And whom I will surely cut down like the weeds?

I have had very rude experiences with my so-called brothers and after the incidents of these rude incidents; they too had very bad experiences- if you got my point?
Every action has an opposite reaction –
You push me, I don’t push you back, I slam you down!
You Insult me, I rip your rude tongue Out
– for I am doing a service – Once Jesus taught something like - if your eye looked at a woman indecently, rip it out, its better to enter heaven without it than with it… I am just doing a service!

You shake my hand in friendship, You are my Brother!


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