Live and Let Live!

Live & Let Live!

The song goes...
I am my Own Man,
I do My Own Thing.......
Yeah! of course...every human being is an individual, with seperate identities, mannerisms, charachter, likes and dislikes!
When these individual human beings contribute together, the society is formed. in a society, there is give and take, acceptance of another's being, undestanding of each others characters and so on.
for me, I was brought up in a household, where i was taught it was impolite even to point you finger, let alone comment on another individual. my mother and the sunday school taught me...
If you point ONE FINGER at another person,
Remember, 4 FINGERS are pointing back at you!

But all those old school morals are gone now. The youth of today (i have met many in the very circle i mingle) doesnt care if they hurt another individuals feelings by commenting on him or her!
We all have our own space! if somebody penetrates that space , be it physically or verbally, the most automatic response is to go on the defensive..its human conditioning!
So to all those folks out there...resepect me and my space, i respect you and yours
Live and let Live!
Jusst like in facebook...if u poke, i poke back....its automatic..
if u insult, i insult back and dont feel bad when i sult you..coz that was of course coming for you!
think before you leap or may fall down or you may never be able to take back what you have spoken!


So ..Live and Let Live!


edasseri said…
Hmmm......... who r all these youth that you have met recently? Live and let live is some thing we all should follow


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