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There was this discussion we had at the Forum on and i had posted some ideas of mine there...

1. A mystery about Lake Titicaca, the nazca Lines and the mayan doomsday calendar all interlinked. lake titicaca as suspected was a the most important sea port...of the ancient world before a polar shift. as theorised by others...nazca lines were highway signs for spacecraft to land..and directions to various locations. a high tech archaeological team..dives into titicaca...finds an sealed entrance going deep...they open the entrance way and swim through and reach a cavern full of strange of the team accidentally activates one of the artifacts...but doesn't know..interstellar beacon...u can put in anything from annunaki to the alien race...the reptilian creatures who had genetically produced the homo sapiens...catch on to it. meanwhile another race..the benevolent aliens..give any name u care..also latches on to the signal and both move towards earth..the annunaki to take over planet earth once again..the benevolent aliens to prevent and aid the humans..develop more further
2. Atlantis and Hollow earth. Ancient Atlantis, its technologies didn't die. When the world wide catastrophes caused by polar shifts occurred, the atlanteans shifted inside the hollow earth via the great opening near the poles. Some contacts were developed by atlanteans with the second generation humans...who formed cults and worshipped the atlanteans....the gods and goddesses of Hinduism ..could be interpreted as atlanteans. present day - scientist predict another polar shift. The big brother America's technology vultures ..going thru ancient manuscripts decodes a manuscript considered non -decodable (not the voynich manuscript..voynich's considered child's scribble in front of this manuscript)..and leads to clues to the technology of the atlanteans. Free Science Movement - which advocates all technology should be shared among all the nations oppose America's technology vultures....the movement also is highly advanced technologically and militarily....backed by some countries and trusts.both follow clues, crossing each others many times and enter the hollow earth ..just to get in between a civil war between eat dog..but the vultures and the movement have to band together to save their skin....gigantic battle ..flying machines of atlanteans...vs Apache helicopters, harriers, flying jet packed soldiers of vultures & the movement....atlanteans .. stop war...decide to integrate into the present world...and share their technology...but vultures try some backstabbing kidnap...the atlantean top techno heads...again a battle...the movement wins the war...peace.....
3. In a distant planet in a distant galaxy, some life forms (not necessarily human, but humanoid) called ekki lived in a highly technologically advanced state on a planet called niburu. However technologically advanced they were, Genetic Manipulation was not allowed there. But a few scientists..secretly modify the genetic code of their own race and create the human being. situated on garden island in the middle of a vast ocean which was not that much accessible to others, they carried on their genetic manipulations creating other genetic monstrosities. Humans who were created were treated as slaves, to do the menial works there. Once scientist -anu, who helped create a superior human being had a soft corner for him since he was created his own genetic stock..had a father son relationship with the human whom we may call manu. (anu-na-ekki - anu of the ekki..or something and manu can be related to the first human created as per hindu mythology). anu, behind the back of the other scientists, programmed to sleep induce teach manu's brain with their entire knowledge. manu, now more knowledgeable, rallies fellow slaves and fights against their masters....mean while ,some other scientists working on a teleportation portal accidentally create a time-space portal which breaks the plane tout of the orbit, transports it out of the solar system to a new solar system on the random and in highly elliptical the new system. the planet is going out of the solar system and everything is freezing out. the battle between the humans and the ekki is getting over.....anu manages to get a few of the humans and asks them to escape the plane in a cryogenically equipped pod designed and programmed to find the most suitable planet to match the human's life form...while anu himself is shot dead by the other ekkis.the planet niburu..goes into freeze and out of the solar system while humans land on planet earth....all other humans except manu and a woman die...second portion /sequel can be after millions of years...the planet niburu ..which had been teleported from a distant galaxy and thrown into an elliptical orbit in our solar system comes back into the solar system, thawing out and the ekki now finds the human's /terra.....with a highly advanced civilisation..they cant bear this since humans were their creation and their slaves.................


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