What Have We Become?

When I was Young, I had a Dream!

When I was Young, I had Ideals!

When I was Young, I was Pure!

Now, What Have I become?

I still remember those days, when i used to think of being an ideal human being, someone all could look up to, someone who would help others when in need, someone who would be loved by all.

I saw corruption all around me! I reaffirmed my self with positive thinking that I Will Not Be Tainted By it.

I saw the degradation in Relationships. I consoled my self saying, i will be a true human, a true son, brother, husband, father and friend.

I saw love getting commercialised! I was sure my love will be Honest and True!

But what was around me, snared me in the web, without even me realising it.

I became Corrupt myself! I Paid bribes - to get a confirmed ticket, to get ahead in the que, to secure myself, I took insider information, I played dirty in bsuness deals..the list is long!

Love Died on Me! I forgot when i first felt "Love". I became a "Practical" Man - A Selfish Man, who loves only himself.

I forgot when i really smiled.

I forgot when i really laughed!

I became something that is sort of living an automated existence with the sole aim of surviving!

What Have I Become?

What I am Feeling is the same that most of you also feel at sometimes, but we push it all down again thinking that there is no room for sentiments, there is no room for weak hearts, we have to get ourself tough..etc.

But again,

Are we what We wanted to Be?


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